First day on the Mountain 2021


The snow and lift lines were not great, to say the least, but just being up there is so refreshing. Growing up on the ocean, most of my friends said I would be back to Nantucket Island sooner versus later. “you are going to miss the ocean” It’s a tough pick but the mountains do have the same grandeur as the ocean. Sometimes I think more so.

Training Focus

This week I have really put a lot of focus on having a total fight gaze when hitting the heavy bag. I was finding I was keeping the bottom of the Thai bag in my gaze. Don’t want to miss a front kick to the groin now do we…

The other thing I’m trying to add back into my training is a minimum of four minutes just sitting and breathing.

Local Shout Out

Jenny & I went to their soft opening on New Year’s Eve, food was great. I had the elk burger, FANTASTIC!

Tribe at Riverwalk



Interesting, I want to listen to this again. I think he has some good points. As always take what you like and disregard the rest.

I watched this episode of Seinfeld again, still, cracks me up.

This looks great brought to by the folks over at Daily Wire